Argan Oil Health Benefits

What Are The Key Benefits Of Argan Oil?

The main benefits and uses being applied:

In Morocco, Culinary Argan Oil is being used as food consumption mainly for medical treatments; Arthritis Discomfort, Cholesterol Level and Heart problems. In addition, non-consumable Argan Oil is being utilized for skin allergies such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Benefits in indulging with Argan Oil?

#1 Reduction In Cholesterol Level : In recent studies, Culinary Argan Oil has been scientifically proven to minimize blood cholesterol levels through consistent consumption over a minimum period of 4 weeks. Certainly, Culinary content is said to consist of extreme oleic-acid which aids users in lowering Cholesterol levels considerably.

#2 Alleviate Arthritic Discomfort For Patients : For centuries, the Berber community has been using this very own peculiar oil with a trademark, Liquid Gold. Initially, Cosmetic Argan Oil has been used to treat external physical pains from open wounds or affected joint areas. The instruction is to apply the oil in a gyrating motion while ensuring the same warmth level – assuring a comfort feeling to the skin due to warm-blooded nature. After an in-depth research, it has been further expanded to treat skin problems such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

An example is Eczema – Also known as Dermatitis, this problem often occurs on children but may retain throughout a life cycle. It creates skin itch and inflamed, being officially declared as a medical conditions. Argan content consists of Butyrospermol (about 18%), natural anti-inflammatory herb, which significantly reduces inflammation symptoms.

#3 Anti-cancer Properties : Being classified as a rare sterol, it is said that argan-phytosterol has a stable composition and has the natural ability to curb cancer properties from relapses. Based consumed at a consistent pace, the amount of recurrence has been drastically mitigated.

#4 Resolving Hair Problems : In many cases, hair is being damaged during daily activities due to polluted environments which led to easy breakage and scalp trauma. A trauma in the scalp is often due to a sudden shock being inflicted on the hair resulting hair follicles to temporary experienced a decline in growth. It is definitely beneficial to apply Argan Oil on hair for preventive purposes meanwhile continuing consumption in Culinary oil.

External usage of Cosmetic Oil:

In Argan’s purest form, it provides you with a soothe feeling and may be united with a skin lotion. Upon application, the oil must be spread evenly on the skin after a throughout cleansing of dead cells. When faced with an oily skin, the skin may not reap optimal benefits from the applied cream.

Internal usage of Culinary Oil:

Long before greedy manufacturers marked their territories, Argan Oil is being consumed without much discussions and negotiations. Ever since these researchers’ arrivals, there has been a growing concern on the quality and hygiene of Argan consumption. Though still remained as a practice for Berber personnel, many tribes have changed their custom by using as a Cooking Oil as compared to tradition usage.

Another alternative towards cooking is through a knife spread – many established cities often purchases edible Argan Oil for flavoring purposes such as Cuisine Enhancement or Nutty Flavorings.

Be it internal or external application, Argan Oil provides a vast variety of health benefits to the users.


Argan Oil For Mental Hair Loss State

In general, there is no absolute cure for hair loss as technology is still improving for the better of tomorrow. A main issue faced by many people today is the unknowing factor caused by Mental state.

Mental Hair Loss State : Stress, Social Mobility and Face Value Proposition

Low Stress Level Tolerance – This is becoming a common issue for general public as the society is much more demanding as compared to previous obsolete slow-moving world. This resulted to a decline in hair regeneration productivity as the body is unable to cope up with stress level.

Are you aware that being stressful kills your hair cells at an alarming rate? Indeed, scientific reports stated that a stressful person tends to lose hair at a much faster rate as compared to a cool cucumber person. The main reason is that the body is fully tensed up to resolve the surrounding issues instead of focusing on repairing the damaged hair cells and ensuring a quality hair growth rate.

Social Mobility – As the industry advances, humans realized that they have lesser and lesser time to take care of their body especially the seemingly unnecessary body part, hair. To them, hair is deemed as a trivial matter and time is much more precious.

In this rapidly advancing place, there is little or no time to waste on taking care of our hair. Many trivial issues led to the downfall of a healthy set of roots. Nowadays, people rushed to wash their hair using synthetic shampoos and blow dry under direct heat with adequate protection. They proceeded to get under direct sun rays to further received damages on hair cells. Little do we know that hair is part of the professional body which depicts the absolute image of an individual be it in interview or meeting out with important clients.

Face Value Proposition – In reality, many people especially teenagers like to be fashionable hence purchasing a whole lot of impractical hair-damaging products. What these hair styling products do is to inject small amounts of damages on an incremental basis to the hair which does overwhelming impact resulting in hair loss over an extended period of time.

Due to the current society’s pressure and acceptance rate, hair styling products are being manufactured at an alarming rate. This means that there is a upward social pressure in purchasing these products and using them in massive amounts in order to gel up their hair for a long time. These products can be used at an acceptable rate but not frequently due to the over exposure in chemicals. Once getting addicted, daily usage becomes a frequent practice and face value rises accordingly which is an extremely detrimental practice to your hair.

How can Argan Oil restores your mental state model?

Generally, a deep touch from Argan Oil is a must hence a hot oil treatment is highly recommended. On your hair, do allocate a generous portion of Argan Oil to the surface starting from the ends to the roots in a circular motion. The main concern is the restoration of hair growth which the various harmful products had caused the negativity. Over the application process, apply gentle heat from a blow dryer at a distance with care. Fret not, the generous allocation spread of Argan Oil acts as a layer of protection against heat rays hence feel free to dry the hair in a similar circular motion. The warmth from the heat should infuse the oil content with your hair, restoring what the lost contents in the hair and regaining self confidence once again.

Though there is no 100% direct treatment for hair growth, Argan oil is the best partner to rely on given its proven track records from scientists and researchers all over the world.

Ancient Argan Oil History

The Unique Argan Oil Tree

Argan Oil, originates from Morocco (South Africa), is produced from a tree.

Being gain naturally from a specific tree, it is deemed as one of the rarest species of tree on Mother Earth.

In most recent years of research, this oil has been identified twice the level of richness as compared to traditional Olive Oil in both Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, invaluable for their nutritional and anti-oxidant properties. Linoleic Acid or LA is an essential fatty acid – Unsaturated Omega-6, which is found in seeds and grains. This acid has an increasing popularity over beauty products given the beneficial properties on the skin, reducing acne problems, anti-inflammatory and retains moisture upon direct application. This means that scientific research has succeeded in proving the support on traditional reputation in Argan Oil and that reaps potential benefits in dire conditions such as Arthritis, Eczema and High-Cholesterol within Morocco. Furthermore, multinational corporations who manufacture cosmetics are offering Anti-ageing skin lotion creams whereby cosmetic version of Agan Oil is incorporated in them. Simply put, the cosmetic products are influenced by the natural source which in return, produces optimal benefits for personal usage and depicting a radiant outlook of an individual.

Morocco’s Liquid Gold Trade Secret

UNESCO Protection On Argan Forests

There is no doubt on the narrow growth rate in the country of Morocco, between the Moroccan border cities Agadir and Essaouria, whereby the Argan tree grows on a limited stretch of band.

Argan tree is classified as an ancient tree and enforced as a relic of the Earth’s Initial Tertiary Period, approximately ended about 1.59 million years ago. The uniquity of this tree is it grows up to ten meters high, live for an average of 200 years, enjoys growing slowly with fiercely sharp features.

The core purpose of an Argan forest is that assistance in soil fertility is being rendered as well as protecting soil against fearsome wind-induced erosion and thunderous gale storms. Not only is Argan forest being able to pace down rate of desertification due to its affirmative nature, it has the natural ability to survive drought periods and arid conditions well.

However much it is being praised, the current state of an Argan forest is classified as closed to extinction. The main threat derives from excessive human exploitation due to the Argan Oil demand and supply, greedily manufactured in Morocco and exported for profits. The entire process has been ongoing for thousands of years and leading to the threat of extinction.

Wiping out at such an alarming rate, UNESCO officially declared the narrow band where Argan tree grows as a ‘biosphere reserve’. What this means is that a protected reserve is being formed size of a vast plain of 2,560,000 hectares, covered by Anti-Atlas and High Atlas Mountains, and near to Atlantic in the west. A total of 800,000 hectares is deemed as an enclosure for the Argan Trees, a safe and sound residence.

A sustainable competitive system of production is hence being formed to cater to the newly amass international interest in the realm of lucrative cosmetic and health powers of Argan Oil. In addition, Berber communities organized Fund Raising events from the sale of Argan Oil and utilized them to increase the standards of living as well as enhancing the literacy for women to achieve the same level of education as men.

Indeed, Argan Oil is a wonderful contentment to the Berber Community for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Argan Oil – Top 3 NATURAL Argan Oils reviewed!

The selling of natural oils and products has exponentially increased over the past several years. Millions of people are striving more and more to focus more and more on natural products in every aspect of their lives instead of artificial, chemical and unnatural products overall.

This quest for healthier alternatives when it comes to quality health and beauty products has led many of those consumers down the road towards Organix Moroccan argan oil. This oil has been used in a wide range of products that are currently being sold today, but there is a select few that have been reviewed and rated as being some of the very best products available.

#1 – Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil

A popular argan oil product that is enjoyed by many around the world today is Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil. One of the most appreciated aspects of this particular product is the fact that it does not have any traces of unnatural chemicals or flavoring anywhere with it; it is made completely of Organix Moroccan argan oil.

When used on your skin, this product has proven to prevent skin damage that can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun and it is also capable of battling free radicals that may fight against the ski, leaving it crusty, dry and overall flaky. This argan oil has been used to minimize risk of being diagnosed with such skin conditions as psoriasis, eczema and acne and to treat those who have already been diagnosed with these skin problems.

When used in your hair, Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil has been proven to prevent you from having split ends and damaged follicles. If you are struggling with your frizzy hair that does not seem to want to act right, this product can help you tame that hairy beast and keep it in check. It has even been proven to be effective in strengthening your nails and restoring their health and appearance as well.

#2 – Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil

This particular product thrives off of the natural oils that filled each bottle as the primary ingredient, because there is such an overabundance of vitamins and fatty acids naturally flowing through the oil itself that there really is no need for any other chemicals or additives. The developers of this product advise their customers to apply it gently through massaging it into their skin so that it can be deeply absorbed within their bodies.

After taking a relaxing and cleansing bath or shower, Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil provides users with the smooth and silky moisture that allows their skin to thrive as it will be able to appear, feel and smell amazing. Another great benefit is that Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil is a very cost-effective product, so it can provide even the most frugal of shoppers with this quality, long-lasting health benefit.
#3 – Josie Maran Argan Oil
Another form of Organix Moroccan argan oil that is being used and sold throughout the world each year is Josie Maran Argan Oil, one of the top-selling products within the health and beauty industry. Not only does it come with Vitamin F, but it is also further enhanced with Vitamin E along with other vitamins and minerals that have anti-aging properties to increase the health of your skin overall.

Josie Maran Argan Oil is loved by many because it is easy to apply and easy to absorb within your skin; it has just the right texture and thickness to be used by people of all ages. Even though it is normally priced a little higher than other comparable products, such as Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil, its increased quality and overall effectiveness prove to be worthy of the additional investment.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

These three products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to products on the market today that use Organix Moroccan argan oil as a key ingredient for health and beauty purposes. Regardless of the product that you decide to go with, you want to make sure that they are not enhanced through processed chemicals or an abundance of artificial elements because these things can prove to work against the natural power of the argan oil instead of working with it.

5 Ways to Choose the Best Hair Oil

Most people don’t really know how to take proper care of their hair. It can be something that hundreds, in fact, millions, struggle with today because hair is difficult to manage. Hair care is a subject that can be difficult to get under control and many women do struggle with it.

Hair care isn’t always easy to understand at times. To be honest, most women don’t know what they should do with their hair or what’s best for their hair either. As a result, women end up getting the wrong products for their hair. However, it will be important to get the best products and there can be nothing better than hair oil.

Hair oil is very important to use because it can help the hair grow and become healthy. Your hair might need just a little kick to help it become healthier and look its best. However, if you can get the best hair oil your hair can look amazing and healthier and one of the best options could be Mira Hair Oil. Here are some ways to choose your hair oil.

1. Your Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is important because this tells you how easy your hair will absorb products that go onto the hair. If your hair easily absorbs the products then it can be good for you if you wish to colour your hair but it won’t be able to stay straight for long.

If your hair is very porous then your hair can be frizzier and can have trouble keeping its shape. This does mean that your hair will need to choose hair oil that has a higher concentrate to help stop the hair from becoming frizzy.

2. Getting To Know Your Hair Texture

Hair texture is very important when it comes to choosing the best hair oil product because if the hair is thicker, the hair can use heavier oils. However, if the hair is thinner then the hair oil needs to be light so that it doesn’t put too much pressure or weight onto the fine hairs. Some oils won’t work properly if the hair can’t handle the weight of the oils.

3. Hair Goals

You do have to think about the goal for your hair. If you want to have shiny hair that looks healthy and gleaming, hair oils that use heavy linoleic acid is very important. However, if you are looking to keep your hair soft and manageable, oils with unsaturated ingredients is better to look at.

4. Experiment with Oils

Sometimes, it is all about experimenting to find the best hair oil. You might want to look at Mira Hair oil but you still should look at other options to see what offers you the best results. While one product might have a fancier name, another product with a smaller name might work better for your hair type.

5. Look at the Cost

The cost can have a massive impact for those choosing the best hair oil for them. The best doesn’t mean the most costly.