Argan Oil For Mental Hair Loss State

In general, there is no absolute cure for hair loss as technology is still improving for the better of tomorrow. A main issue faced by many people today is the unknowing factor caused by Mental state.

Mental Hair Loss State : Stress, Social Mobility and Face Value Proposition

Low Stress Level Tolerance – This is becoming a common issue for general public as the society is much more demanding as compared to previous obsolete slow-moving world. This resulted to a decline in hair regeneration productivity as the body is unable to cope up with stress level.

Are you aware that being stressful kills your hair cells at an alarming rate? Indeed, scientific reports stated that a stressful person tends to lose hair at a much faster rate as compared to a cool cucumber person. The main reason is that the body is fully tensed up to resolve the surrounding issues instead of focusing on repairing the damaged hair cells and ensuring a quality hair growth rate.

Social Mobility – As the industry advances, humans realized that they have lesser and lesser time to take care of their body especially the seemingly unnecessary body part, hair. To them, hair is deemed as a trivial matter and time is much more precious.

In this rapidly advancing place, there is little or no time to waste on taking care of our hair. Many trivial issues led to the downfall of a healthy set of roots. Nowadays, people rushed to wash their hair using synthetic shampoos and blow dry under direct heat with adequate protection. They proceeded to get under direct sun rays to further received damages on hair cells. Little do we know that hair is part of the professional body which depicts the absolute image of an individual be it in interview or meeting out with important clients.

Face Value Proposition – In reality, many people especially teenagers like to be fashionable hence purchasing a whole lot of impractical hair-damaging products. What these hair styling products do is to inject small amounts of damages on an incremental basis to the hair which does overwhelming impact resulting in hair loss over an extended period of time.

Due to the current society’s pressure and acceptance rate, hair styling products are being manufactured at an alarming rate. This means that there is a upward social pressure in purchasing these products and using them in massive amounts in order to gel up their hair for a long time. These products can be used at an acceptable rate but not frequently due to the over exposure in chemicals. Once getting addicted, daily usage becomes a frequent practice and face value rises accordingly which is an extremely detrimental practice to your hair.

How can Argan Oil restores your mental state model?

Generally, a deep touch from Argan Oil is a must hence a hot oil treatment is highly recommended. On your hair, do allocate a generous portion of Argan Oil to the surface starting from the ends to the roots in a circular motion. The main concern is the restoration of hair growth which the various harmful products had caused the negativity. Over the application process, apply gentle heat from a blow dryer at a distance with care. Fret not, the generous allocation spread of Argan Oil acts as a layer of protection against heat rays hence feel free to dry the hair in a similar circular motion. The warmth from the heat should infuse the oil content with your hair, restoring what the lost contents in the hair and regaining self confidence once again.

Though there is no 100% direct treatment for hair growth, Argan oil is the best partner to rely on given its proven track records from scientists and researchers all over the world.


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