Argan Oil Health Benefits

What Are The Key Benefits Of Argan Oil?

The main benefits and uses being applied:

In Morocco, Culinary Argan Oil is being used as food consumption mainly for medical treatments; Arthritis Discomfort, Cholesterol Level and Heart problems. In addition, non-consumable Argan Oil is being utilized for skin allergies such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Benefits in indulging with Argan Oil?

#1 Reduction In Cholesterol Level : In recent studies, Culinary Argan Oil has been scientifically proven to minimize blood cholesterol levels through consistent consumption over a minimum period of 4 weeks. Certainly, Culinary content is said to consist of extreme oleic-acid which aids users in lowering Cholesterol levels considerably.

#2 Alleviate Arthritic Discomfort For Patients : For centuries, the Berber community has been using this very own peculiar oil with a trademark, Liquid Gold. Initially, Cosmetic Argan Oil has been used to treat external physical pains from open wounds or affected joint areas. The instruction is to apply the oil in a gyrating motion while ensuring the same warmth level – assuring a comfort feeling to the skin due to warm-blooded nature. After an in-depth research, it has been further expanded to treat skin problems such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

An example is Eczema – Also known as Dermatitis, this problem often occurs on children but may retain throughout a life cycle. It creates skin itch and inflamed, being officially declared as a medical conditions. Argan content consists of Butyrospermol (about 18%), natural anti-inflammatory herb, which significantly reduces inflammation symptoms.

#3 Anti-cancer Properties : Being classified as a rare sterol, it is said that argan-phytosterol has a stable composition and has the natural ability to curb cancer properties from relapses. Based consumed at a consistent pace, the amount of recurrence has been drastically mitigated.

#4 Resolving Hair Problems : In many cases, hair is being damaged during daily activities due to polluted environments which led to easy breakage and scalp trauma. A trauma in the scalp is often due to a sudden shock being inflicted on the hair resulting hair follicles to temporary experienced a decline in growth. It is definitely beneficial to apply Argan Oil on hair for preventive purposes meanwhile continuing consumption in Culinary oil.

External usage of Cosmetic Oil:

In Argan’s purest form, it provides you with a soothe feeling and may be united with a skin lotion. Upon application, the oil must be spread evenly on the skin after a throughout cleansing of dead cells. When faced with an oily skin, the skin may not reap optimal benefits from the applied cream.

Internal usage of Culinary Oil:

Long before greedy manufacturers marked their territories, Argan Oil is being consumed without much discussions and negotiations. Ever since these researchers’ arrivals, there has been a growing concern on the quality and hygiene of Argan consumption. Though still remained as a practice for Berber personnel, many tribes have changed their custom by using as a Cooking Oil as compared to tradition usage.

Another alternative towards cooking is through a knife spread – many established cities often purchases edible Argan Oil for flavoring purposes such as Cuisine Enhancement or Nutty Flavorings.

Be it internal or external application, Argan Oil provides a vast variety of health benefits to the users.


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